8 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Whitehouse, TX

8 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Whitehouse, TX

Nestled between Tyler and Lindale, Whitehouse, Texas, offers a charming blend of small-town living and convenient access to urban amenities. With a reputation for excellent schools and beautiful scenery, it's no wonder Whitehouse attracts residents looking for a place to call home. But with several established and newer neighborhoods, finding the perfect fit can feel overwhelming.

This guide explores some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Whitehouse, TX, to help you navigate your search and discover the community that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and needs.

Finding your comfort zone

Before diving into specific neighborhoods, consider your priorities. Are you seeking a bustling community with close-knit neighbors or a quiet retreat with ample privacy? Do you prioritize proximity to schools, parks, or specific amenities? Understanding your needs will guide your search towards neighborhoods that resonate with you.

Intro to Whitehouse: From Humble Beginnings to Modern City

The city of Whitehouse, Texas, may not have become official until 1953, but its roots stretch back much further. A local auctioneer was crucial in establishing the community in 1846, even though it wouldn't formally earn its name until the following year. Interestingly, while incorporation waited, a well-established school district (known as WISD) helped shape the developing community.

Life in Whitehouse initially revolved around agriculture, with many residents working the land or in related professions. However, transportation advancements spurred diversification after World War II, bringing new jobs and residents. Today, streets and subdivisions bear the names of these early leaders who contributed to Whitehouse's growth.

Lay of the land

Regarding local neighborhoods, Whitehouse has a more ambiguous layout than Tyler or Dallas, Texas. Most of its residential areas overlap. On the map, Whitehouse’s most defining characteristic is its proximity to Lake Tyler, a north-south body of water that occupies about 42 square miles immediately east of Whitehouse.

City Center is downtown Whitehouse. The main arteries are north-south 110 and east-west Main Street. You can find single-family homes just south of that nexus ranging from $200,000 to $500,000. You’ll also hear people reference Windsor Park, the closest neighborhood to City Center. For our purposes, Windsor Park and downtown Whitehouse are interchangeable.

Whereas Lake Tyler borders Whitehouse to the east, three prominent neighborhoods border Whitehouse to the west: Copeland, Antioch, and Walnut Grove.

  • Copeland is above Antioch and considered one of the best areas within a few miles of Whitehouse City Center. Copeland contains relatively few streets and has several small lakes. When your agent references Copeland, they’re talking about the area south of Toll Road 49 and east of US Highway 69 North.

  • Antioch is directly south of Copeland and southwest of Whitehouse City Center. It shares some characteristics with Copeland but is considered a less sought-after area.

  • Walnut Grove is just south of Antioch and is primarily rural.

Lakeside luxury living

One of the most popular local neighborhoods is West Lake Estates, which is on the same side of Lake Tyler as Whitehouse. This region contains an assortment of houses in beautiful styles, varying sizes, and relatively affordable prices. West Lake Estates residences range from 2,400 to over 3,000 square feet and usually list close to $400,000 (there is a small homeowners fee).

South of West Lake Estates, there is a nameless area with homes clustered around East Main St. They occupy the same general price range as West Lake Estates but with a few outlier bargains on the low end of the market.

Once you start looking east of Lake Tyler, you’re outside the boundaries of Whitehouse. Still, these properties might interest you, especially if you prioritize lakefront homes.

Rare gems

Though they lack official designation as such, these small neighborhoods have some of the best residential streets in the Whitehouse area.

Country Gardens

Country Gardens is a small neighborhood between 110 and the Blackhawk Creek Hike and Bike Trail. As of February 2024, there are about 10 properties on the market. These homes list between $200,000 and $500,000 — a few plots of land are available, too. Country Gardens is a few miles south of Whitehouse City Center and contains Whitehouse Gardenview Park.

Lost Creek Estates

The lovely homes of Lost Creek Estates are found on Lost Creek, just off Willingham Road. There are about 20 homes on this cul de sac, none publicly listed as of February 2024. A house is pending sale on Royal Circle, the next street over, for about $400,000. Lost Creek is a few miles south of Whitehouse City Center.


Rosebrook, or Rosebrook Circle, has three homes currently available: home A costs $399,999, home B costs $415,000, and home C costs $449,000. Homes A and B are on Rosebrook Circle. Home C has the most bedrooms (five), bathrooms (3.5), and square feet (over 3,000). As of February 2024, the list prices of homes A and B are trending downward, so it could be an opportune time to put in an offer.

Shadowwood Acres

In contrast with the previous three neighborhoods, Shadowwood Acres is not south but directly west of Whitehouse City Center. Only two properties here are publicly available as of February 2024. The area is less fully developed than elsewhere in Whitehouse, so it could be a good opportunity for builders or house flippers.

Beyond the neighborhood

Remember, while neighborhoods offer distinct personalities, Whitehouse provides a wealth of amenities for all residents. The Whitehouse Community Center hosts events and activities, while the nearby Tyler offers various entertainment options, museums, and shopping centers.

Make the right choice with Crutcher & Hartley

Ultimately, the best neighborhood for you depends on your unique needs and preferences. Consider visiting different neighborhoods, talking to residents, and consulting with a local real estate professional to gain valuable insights.

Finding the perfect home in Whitehouse requires a knowledgeable partner. Crutcher & Hartley, a trusted real estate agency with deep roots in the community, can seamlessly guide you through the process. Their local expertise and understanding of neighborhoods in Whitehouse, TX, will help you navigate the nuances of each area and ultimately discover the neighborhood that truly feels like home.

Contact Crutcher & Hartley today to confidently embark on your Whitehouse journey and find the perfect neighborhood to match your dreams.

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