9 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Flint, TX

9 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Flint, TX

Flint creates a welcoming atmosphere by blending small-town charm with modern conveniences. The town and surrounding neighborhoods are characterized by pleasant residents, scenic surroundings, and close-knit communities. A genuine sense of belonging permeates the air. From lively festivals to community initiatives, residents actively participate, showcasing a strong spirit of unity and involvement.

Flint offers a diverse housing landscape, ensuring you find your perfect fit. Whether you picture a tranquil lakeside retreat, a ranch on a large plot of land, or a suburban single-family enclave, Flint delivers options to match your dreams. It’s an excellent place to put down roots.

Join us as we explore some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Flint, guiding you toward your ideal living experience.

Main constituent neighborhoods

From west to east, Flint comprises the neighborhoods of Flint West, Noonday, and New Hope.

Flint West

Lake Palestine is the biggest draw near Flint, and Flint West is the corresponding neighborhood. It spans most of the lake’s eastern edge and includes several smaller neighborhoods (three of which will be covered later in this guide).

Besides the lake, Flint West real estate is known for its strong sense of community, boasting top-rated schools, numerous parks, and playgrounds for children. Despite its favorable location, there is a larger than usual vacancy rate in Flint West, suggesting opportunities for outside investment.


Situated to the east of Lake Palestine, Noonday has a tranquil ambiance. Many residences in the Noonday neighborhood are established but not old, built between 1970 and 1999. Some homes were also built between 2000 and the present.

Newcomers are drawn to Noonday for its exceptional schools, parks, and diverse recreational offerings. The proximity to the picturesque lake enhances the area's allure, offering residents ample opportunities for leisure activities such as boating, fishing, and lakeside picnics.

New Hope

New Hope exudes tranquility and boasts generously sized lots — a critical residential area of Flint, Texas. As a burgeoning neighborhood, New Hope presents an array of single-family residences nestled amidst expansive green expanses.

Demand for real estate in New Hope is above average for the U.S. and may signal demand for either price increases or new construction. With its growing community, New Hope offers a harmonious blend of peaceful living and easy access to essential amenities, ensuring residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle tailored to their needs.

Lakeside retreats

Flint West comprises several smaller neighborhoods boasting lake access and related luxury amenities.

Eagle’s Bluff

Situated along the shores of Lake Palestine, Eagle's Bluff is a picturesque neighborhood offering breathtaking waterfront views and resort-style living. Home to a prestigious golf course and country club, Eagle’s Bluff allows residents to enjoy luxury amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and fine dining options. Whether you're an avid golfer or simply appreciate the serenity of lakeside living, Eagle's Bluff offers a lifestyle of relaxation and recreation.

The Villages

Boasting a combination of single-family homes and townhouses, The Villages offers residents a low-maintenance lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or convenience. With amenities such as community pools, playgrounds, and fitness centers, residents can enjoy an active and social lifestyle right in their backyard. The neighborhood's proximity to schools and major highways makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between urban convenience and suburban tranquility.

Lakeway Harbor

Lakeway Harbor occupies the southern end of the Dogwood City peninsula on Lake Palestine. Its residences blend lakefront living and modern convenience in Lakeway Harbor. This established and exclusive neighborhood features single-family homes and townhomes with stunning lake views.

As of February 2024, five properties are publicly listed in Lakeway Harbor. For $550,000, a homebuyer could own a lakeside home already equipped for hosting on Airbnb (over 3,300 square feet, five bedrooms, and four bathrooms).

Suburban enclaves

Finding an address in these neighborhoods can be challenging — your best bet is to work with a trusted local agent like those on the Crutcher & Hartley Team.

Wilder Way

Known for its modern homes and upscale amenities, Wilder Way caters to those seeking a contemporary lifestyle with a touch of elegance. With meticulously landscaped yards and upscale finishes, homes in this neighborhood exude sophistication and charm. Residents can explore Shackleford Creek, which runs through the neighborhood, and nearby green spaces like Faulkner Park.

Dueling Oaks

Dueling Oaks Drive is a little-known gem about a third of the way from Flint to Tyler, Texas. As of February 2024, no homes are publicly listed as available on Dueling Oaks Drive. However, there are over a dozen in the area between FM 2493 and West Mud Creek. These homes range from around $500,000 on the low end to $1.4 million.

Hollytree Country Club

For select homeowners, Hollytree Country Club is the preferred way to experience the breathtaking countryside north of Flint. The Club holds many distinctions, especially for its golf course, and offers luxury amenities such as onsite dining, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. The best single-family homes near the Club list for the high six figures up to $1.6 million.

Choosing a neighborhood

Remember, your ideal Flint living experience extends beyond specific neighborhoods. Consider these factors when making your decision:

Lifestyle: Do you crave lakeside living, charming downtown vibes, or a quiet, family-oriented atmosphere? Align your chosen neighborhood with your desired lifestyle.

Budget: Housing prices vary significantly across neighborhoods. Carefully assess your budget and explore options that align with your financial priorities.

Amenities: Consider your proximity to desired amenities like schools, parks, shops, and restaurants when choosing.

Personal preferences: Do you value peace or enjoy the buzz of a vibrant community? Consider your personality and preferences when selecting a neighborhood.

Find your home in Flint

With diverse neighborhoods and a welcoming community, Flint, TX, offers something for everyone. Remember, this guide serves as a starting point. It's crucial to explore, experience, and connect with the local community to discover the neighborhood that truly resonates with your unique needs and aspirations.

Employ Crutcher & Hartley

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Contact Crutcher & Hartley today and let them help you realize your Flint dream.

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