Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Tyler, TX

Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Tyler, TX

Whether you're considering a big move or simply curious about what life is like in different parts of the country, this in-depth exploration of the lifestyle in Tyler, Texas, might pique your interest. This picturesque town in the heart of the Lone Star State is brimming with amazing qualities. From being ranked the #39 city with the lowest cost of living in America by Niche.com to boasting a robust healthcare sector, there's a lot that might intrigue you about Tyler.

Tyler, TX Pros and Cons

Every city and town has its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these can provide a holistic view of what living there might be like. For those considering a move to Tyler, Texas, here are the major pros and cons to bear in mind:



Thriving economy

Limited arts & culture scene

Low cost of living

Summer heat


Isolated location


Thriving economy

One of Tyler's greatest strengths is its diverse economy. The city's economic landscape is a mixture of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, education, and healthcare. This variety not only helps make the city's economy resilient, but it also opens up a wide array of job opportunities for residents.

Low cost of living

Tyler's relatively low cost of living is another perk that residents enjoy. This means that people living in Tyler have the potential to stretch their dollars further, as they tend to spend less on necessities like groceries, utilities, and transportation compared to residents of many other U.S. cities.


Tyler also shines in its healthcare offerings. The city is home to several hospitals and medical centers, providing excellent health services to its residents. Moreover, the healthcare sector is a significant employer in the city, contributing substantially to Tyler's diverse economy.


Limited arts & culture scene

While Tyler has much to offer, it isn't without its drawbacks. One area where Tyler falls short is arts and culture. Compared to larger cities, Tyler's arts scene is somewhat limited. This isn't to say there aren't cultural events and venues, but they might not be as abundant or diverse as in larger urban centers.

Summer heat

The heat during Tyler's summer months can be intense. High temperatures can make outdoor activities challenging and might be uncomfortable for those not used to such conditions.

Isolated location

Lastly, some might consider Tyler's relative isolation as a downside. The city isn't in close proximity to major urban centers, which can limit access to certain amenities and experiences commonly found in larger cities.

Weather in Tyler, Texas

Beyond the economic factors and cultural considerations, the weather is another essential aspect of living in Tyler. Here's an overview of what you can expect from the Tyler, TX weather.

The most pleasant months of the year in Tyler are October, April, and May. During these months, residents enjoy comfortable temperatures that generally range between 70 and 85 degrees. However, the heat can rise during the summer, with August being the hottest month. The average high temperature in August is around 93.8 degrees, which, while high, is cooler than most places in Texas.

Despite the summer heat, Tyler has its share of cooler weather. February is the snowiest month in Tyler, with an average snowfall of 0.5 inches. Only one month of the year sees significant snowfall. As for the coldest time of the year, the January low averages around 36 degrees.

Rain is also a part of life in Tyler, with the city averaging about 46 inches of rain a year. The most humid months, which might feel a bit uncomfortable, are July, August, and June.

Tyler, TX Cost of Living

Tyler is ranked 155 out of 273 cities across the U.S. in terms of cost of living. According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Tyler is estimated to be 92.5% of the national average, making it more affordable than average.

The total monthly expenditure you can expect to incur depends on the cost of housing, food, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and other miscellaneous goods and services. Note that your household composition (single or married, number of kids) and homeownership status (renting vs. owning) might affect your monthly expenses.



U.S. Average

Milk (1/2 gal)

$1.63 (-24.31%)



$3.15 (-6.83%)



$4.52 (-0.1%)


Large Pizza

$9.49 (-12.1%)


Chicken (2 pcs)

$3.56 (-16.4%)


Doctor Visit

$102.18 (-13.32%)


Dentist Visit

$99 (-0.45%)



$1,199.25 (+2.4%)



$863.16 (-38.58%)



$1.87 (-13.28%)


Energy Bill

$183.55 (+9.69%)


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